GRG China

GRG China was jointly established in December 2015, by the GLOBAL RETOOL GROP Germany and Changchun Hexin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Changchun, Jilin Province, PRC, the company has further locations in Shanghai and Chongqing as well.

With expertise in technology and profound experience in project management, GRG China is committed to retooling, modernizing or relocating of NC machinery. The competitiveness of GRG China also lies in automation, robot application, custom machines, fixture design and build, grinding machines for cutlery and smart parking systems.

In close cooperation with both GRG Germany and Changchun Hexin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., GRG China supplies high quality products and services to domestic and overseas customers. One of the core concerns of GRG China is building and popularizing smart factories for customers.

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Changchun GRG Intelligent Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (GRG China)
813, Dongying Road, Economic Development Zone
Changchun, Jilin Province, PRC

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