• Indexing table for repair

Precise repair of sub-assemblies

16.02.2022. WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH not only repairs machines quickly and professionally, but also individual sub-assemblies. Recently, WEMA received two indexing tables from a customer for repair.

The indexing tables were built in 1976 and are used by the customer for the production of blades for turbochargers / compressors.  
The defect is a bad axial run-out, so that they no longer provide the required quality.
The assemblies were cleaned by our service technicians, measured on the measuring machine and disassembled in a controlled manner to determine the fault.
Subsequently, each customer receives a report of the findings and a repair quotation. After the repair has been approved, the repair is carried out, followed by a functional test.   

Necessary spare parts are procured by us and custom-specific parts are manufactured according to drawings (if available) or by reverse engineering.   

Do you also have sub-assemblies for repair? Then please contact us.

We are also happy to provide service technicians who will disassemble the components from your machines and reassemble them after the repair has been completed.     

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