Retrofit 4.0

In the light of the megatrend Industry 4.0 the GLOBAL RETOOL GROUP jointly with a partner from the software industry developed the concept Retrofit 4.0, a complete package consisting of hardware, a software product and a retrofit service package which is aiming first of all at existing manufacturing plants.

The GLOBAL RETOOL GROUP as a retrofit and automation specialist with the relevant PLC and data base programming skills and the hardware know how for the necessary sensor systems takes over the retrofitting of the required measuring and control equipment.

The software tool allows collection of the data, processing them in a usable manner and visualizing them accordingly. Thus decision-makers are provided at the right moment with relevant information. Plan deviations are recognized at an early stage, optimization potentials are identified and evaluated easily and efficiently.

In addition, the tool can be used for the precise planning of servicing and maintenance activities. The goal is to replace the traditional predictive maintenance by a „maintenance on demand“ where the machine itself gives an alarm as soon as it requires maintenance or inspection.

The product was presented as one of the innovations at EMO 2017.

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