Your automation task - our solution

Effiency and high productivity in manufacturing require a corresponding system automation.

The GLOBAL RETOOL GROUP with its SPICHER® brand offers a complete system of modular solutions applicable for the modernization of existing equipment as well as for new machinery. Based on the customer's requirements the SPICHER engineers choose the suitable solutions from this modular system or customize the design if necessary.

For many decades we have been implementing solutions for the interlinking of individual manufacturing
machines and cells by means of conveyors, robots and gantries and even complete automation systems for processing lines and factory halls - from loading of the rough parts to unloading of the finished parts.

We are offering a wide range of conveyor and handling systems from simple gravity conveyors to multi-axis NC gantries.

For the verification of automation concepts, for planning complex processes and for the analysis of clash conditions we are using a simulation tool which allows us to visualize, verify and optimize automation solutions alreday in the planning stage.

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