Automatic Parking Systems

parQing® –
The intelligent solution for maximum parking space

The parQing puzzle parking system optimizes and efficiently increrases the desity of existing parking space. parQing relieves drivers of the search for a free parking space, makes the usually required special parking spaces redundant and guarantees more safety for people and cars in comparison with conventional car parks.

Digital technologies permit communication between the car park and the driver and thus facilitate the identification of free parking spaces, the retrieval of the car at the desired moment and cashless payment.

parQing is based on a patented system. The vehicles are parked on pallets which are arranged and moving on self-centering conveyor modules and are thus efficiently accommodated in the available parking space. The combination of cross, longitudinal and cross-longitudinal conveyor modules allows optimum movement patterns while using one free space in the

An intelligent software determines the shortest possible path thus offering short waiting times for the retrieval of the
cars. The most efficient puzzle parking system convinces with ease of operation and a high level of comfort for the end user.


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