WS-CNC Serration and Profile Grinding Machine




  • CNC controlled feeding axis of the grinding head with integrated compensation of the grinding wheel wear and automatically controlled constant surface speed
  • Diamond-coated dressing rolls allow precise profiles of any shape to be ground
  • Programmable dressing amount and dressing intervals
  • Safe and simple workpiece loading and unloading in horizontal position
  • Loading and unloading during the machining time
  • Integration with different robots systems (SCARA or 6-axis robots) and magazines to suit the customers‘ requirements
  • Additional axes possible as an option
  • An optionally available single point dresser allows for easy dressing of the grinding wheel which makes the machine especially suited for prototype manufacturing
  • Modular design enables the interlinkage with other operations and machining stations, thus allowing to configure manufacturing cells for complete machining.
  • Full enclosure of the workspace possible
  • The machine is capable for industry 4.0 applications
Serration and profile grinding machine type WS2-CNC
Serration amd profile grinding machine type WS4-CNC

Typical parts for the WS series of machines

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