Reach the full potential of your laser system with the right software.

The universal software product for all laser applications on the LASERplusS equipment is RayMake.
RayMake has a modular structure and always leads you safely with a simple, practice-oriented user guidance. It includes the RayBank module for database-based job data management with the EasyVision extension for component recognition as well as modules for creating and executing cutting, ablation and marking tasks on flat parts, turned parts/turning tools and rings. Optionally, a connection to ERP systems or higher-level control systems can be implemented, e.g. via Profibus, Webservice or OPC UA. In addition, our in-house software development enables a flexible implementation of customer requirements.

RayBank module: database-based job management


Component recognition for RayBank - alignment of marking contents, recognition of workpieces in process and quality control (e.g. evaluation of data matrix codes)

Ring marking

Easy setup and creation of labeling content via the user interface tailored for ring engraving. Fully automated splitting and on-the-fly marking.

3D ablation

Import of 3D geometries (e.g. STL files), visualization, parameterization, measurement with camera/probe.

Cutting pattern

Import of 2D geometries (e.g. DXF/IGES files), visualization, editing of cutting sequence and parameters, measurement with camera/probe.


Pallet production

Creation of pallets, equipping, finishing, optional use of the built-in order management.


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