RayMarker® Flex

The machine for marking and engraving of large workpieces.

The machine design is the ideal choice for loading large components, such as transmission housings. The machine can be configured with various axis systems, so that the loading area can be adapted to individual customer needs. The system can be equipped with many optional add-ons, such as rotary axes with a swivel table or a motor-driven X-axis.
The intuitive software can use data formats such as plain text, graphics or barcodes from ordinary graphics and CAD programs. The system has a PLC control for monitoring the system as well as safety functions and optional extensions for automation functions.

RayMarker FLEX
RayMarker FLEX
RayMarker® Flex XXL Customized
RayMarker® Flex XXL Customized

Features and benefits RayMarker® Flex

  • Machine housing for loading large components (e.g. transmission housings)
  • Loading space configurable to customer requirements with up to 5 different axis systems (X-, Y-, Z-, A- and B-axis)
  • Optional pivotable scanning head 0 – 90°
  • Optional rotary axis
  • Height-adjustable, swiveling operating panel with industrial PC, keyboard and mouse
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Integrated PLC for monitoring system functions
  • Expandable and automation capable

Features and benefits RayMarker® Flex XXL Customized

  • Crane loading possible
  • Component length up to max. 2500 mm
  • Swiveling scanning head
  • Rotary axis for components up to 400 mm in diameter
  • Cubic components up to 400 × 400 × 400 mm
  • Workpiece weight up to max. 200 kg
  • Motor-controlled X- and Z-axes
  • Travel ranges: X-axis 2500 mm, Z-axis 500 mm
  • Tail stock guided on linear rails to support long components
  • SVQ