Laser marking unit for expansion of production lines

Wherever a laser marking unit needs to be added to a production line easily and quickly, RayIntegral is the right solution.

Depending on the application, two different RayIntegral design versions allow flexible integration.

RayIntegral design version I
RayIntegral design version II

Features and benefits

  • Easy to integrate into your existing production line
  • Open data interfaces for integration into your IT environment, control or data exchange through Ethernet or PROFIBUS available
  • PLC connection
  • Control box per IP65 with integrated IPC and control unit
  • Reading data matrix codes
  • Easily adaptable laser unit, laser class 4
  • Diode-pumped fiber laser, optional output of 20 W to 100 W
  • Beam deflection with galvanometer mirror unit
  • Precise synchronization between the mirror position and the laser pulse
  • SVQ