HS-CNC – Hollow grinding machine in 3 sizes

The HS-CNC series is used for double-sided hollow grinding of household knives, sport and hunting knives, steak knives, pocket knives etc. Grinding wheels are angled at 45° relative to the grinding axis to ensure consistent grinding width for the life of the wheels.


  • CNC-controlled feed axes of the two grinding heads with integrated compensation of the grinding wheel wear
  • Quality improvement and higher performance due to backlash-free and high-precision linear motion guides
  • Double the non-grinding speed and triple the acceleration reduce the non-grinding time by 70%.
  • Any conceivable shape of the knife shoulder can be easily programmed
  • DialogPLUS programming software with automatic radius calculation
  • Automatic program generation by scanning the contour of the workpieces with the Teach-InPLUS software
  • The modular design enables an interlinkage with other machines (e.g. serration grinding machine WS-CNC), thus allowing to configure manufacturing cells for complete machining.
  • Integration with different robots systems (SCARA or 6-axis robots) and magazines to suit the customers‘ requirements
  • The machine is industry 4.0 capable
  • The circumferential speed of the grinding wheel is freely programmable
  • Automatic loading and automation systems with stack, chain or cassette magazine
  • Technology support, error analysis and troubleshooting by SIEPMANN teleservice
SIEPMANN HS hollow grinding machine
Detail HS-CNC

Hollow Grind

The grinding machine features 2 horizontally arranged grinding drives, which are positioned at a defined angle relative to the workpiece and thus produce the hollow shape.

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