GAS - Grinding as a Service


Off you go with GAS


  • “Grinding as a Service” means a grinding machine provided by WEMA VOGTLAND, remote monitored with full maintenance services and guaranteed performance.
  • The machine is rented (on a monthly or yearly basis), instead of purchased, maintained and updated by the customer. This option of renting a machine instead of investing in buying one can often be the most suitable choice for end users
  • New technologies such as sensor, IoT, remote monitoring, cloud storage,  and analytics are considered to be the TRIGGERS to developing the “Grinding as a Service” business.

Purchase new machine vs Purchase GAS service

Machine purchase


GAS purchase

  • High machine price
  • One or two year warranty max
  • Tendency to economize by sale price /margin
  • Assistance in case of failure very expensive and not always available
  • Internal maintenance organization required
  • Long and not always punctual delivery
  • Low price and spread over the time
  • Machine always under warranty
  • Complete maintenance included in GAS
  • Spare parts included in GAS
  • Machine monitored remotely
  • Simplified and monitored usage instructions to avoid errors
  • Short and programmable delivery



Why Grinding as a Service → GAS

Advantages and benefits

  • Profitability (from CapEx to OpEx, to adapt more easily to fluctuations in demand, without maintenance costs).
  • The customer can reduce or even shut down his own maintenance
  • The starting cost for GAS per machine is comparable to a single salary of a medium-high employee
  • Efficiencies (through OEE -OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS- developments, in energy production or consumption)
  • Agility (less problems and concerns, flexibility, outsourcing reductions) → choice of production offer
  • The small customer takes advantage of the easy cost even to start up.
  • The big customer benefits from the flexibility of this type of activity (production peaks / uncertain investments)

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