Precision marking, 3D ablation and cutting in one system

The CutMaster is the optimal device when different laser processes are to be realized highly economically with only one system. With the CutMaster, components can be marked with the highest precision, round blanks can be separated, chip grooves can be produced and different materials can be cut.
The pre-cutting technology allows efficient, economical entry into the market for processing hard and ultra-hard materials.
Circular PCD, PcBN and CVD plates are cut using multiple ablation of layers of material. This 3D processing is precise, preserves material, and allows cutting depths to 2 mm, along with a cutting gap with defined angle. The operation of the system is intuitive and user-friendly, so that the training
period for technical personnel is short and efficient.


Features and benefits CutMaster

  • Cutting, 3D processing and marking on a single machine
  • Processable materials: PCD, PcBN, CVD, metals, ceramics and many others
  • Small cutting gap and low material loss
  • Precision cutting of metals up to 2 mm thickness with outstanding cut quality
  • Trimming of hard materials and metals
  • High-precision cutting of chip geometries
  • Measuring camera and probe for measuring component position and correcting processing location
  • High precision 3D scan and optical system
  • Zero-point clamping system for fast application change
  • Options: Rotary axis, chuck for round blanks
  • SVQ