Automation and custom solutions

Productivity increase thanks to individual automation solutions

With a customized automation we redesign your manufacturing processes. Leaner, automated production increases productivity. Equipment from LASERplusS by SVQ has proven itself many times in various automated series productions.

In the following you will find only some of the many examples we have realized.
Please contact us! Together with you we will develop a custom-fit solution for your requirements.

Automated conveyor system for the tool industry

  • Standard pallet system with changeable prism-shaped inserts for varying workpiece diameters
  • Driven workpiece pallets for multi-line marking over the circumference
  • Flexible RFID coding for all pallets, allowing mixed operation even for small batches
  • Input terminal with connection to ERP system
  • (SAP, ProAlpha, etc.) for production control

Laser engraving of fittings

  • Automated laser engraving of fittings (supporting member and support arm)
  • Universal workpiece carrier for both versions mounted on a CNC-controlled flat chain conveyor
  • Engraving of seven parts in one cycle
  • Automated approach to different positions through programmable X- and Z-axes
  • Safety light curtain in loading area allowing manual loading after removal from the cleaning system
  • Designed for a throughput of 80 parts per hour

Robot integration in an automotive application

  • Utmost flexibility for marking on different component positions
  • Either component handling with individual gripper systems or scanner freely positionable in processing area
  • Image processing systems for recognition of component, position and data matrix code
  • Easy robot control and programming through the RayBank software
  • CAD-supported positioning of the scanner for processing position

Automation with rotary table

  • Laser engraving of a chassis spring and other coil springs
  • Rotary index table with three positions, allowing manual or robotic loading and unloading during marking
  • Versions from 70 – 200 mm and lengths of 100 – 400 mm can be covered by universally adjustable prism supports
  • Cycle time < 8 sec., marking time < 5 sec. – depth up to 100 μm
  • Camera system for automatic position and height determination as well as for spring contour determination
  • SVQ