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Service from consulting and training to support and maintenance are fixed part of our service portfolio.

Take advantage of our range of services to optimize and positively influence all factors.


Your new system will be delivered to you after it has successfully completed our quality check. Now a quick and smooth commissioning by our qualified personnel can take place at your site.


Our specialists hold the first training as part of commissioning. You learn what you need to know to get optimal results and ensure your system‘s long service life. More in-depth training programs perfect your skills and expand your performance range.

Use our modular training concept to extend your employees’ knowledge to ensure efficient work processes and increase productivity. The training is practice-oriented and conveys the best possible handling of the laser systems. Training courses take place directly on the systems and are held
by our experts.

The various training levels with modular units always focus on your system and your requirements. Completely individualized training is also possible after a needs analysis. It can focus on various topics, such as machine operation, maintenance or software.

Technical service

LASERplusS machines are built to a particularly high standard of quality and reliability. Should a need arise nevertheless, with LASERplusS by SVQ you have a strong partner at your side. Highly flexible, fast and worldwide in operation, our service technicians provide you with the best possible support on site or via remote maintenance.

Service packages

To be sure that your laser systems are always optimally used, LASERplusS by SVQ offers various service packages at fixed prices. Fixed annual rates allow you to plan your maintenance and operating costs. The offerings range from expanded call availability in the event of a malfunction to full-service
agreements that cover a necessary inventory of replacement parts, maintenance services, and more.

Service Hotline

The service hotline is your direct connection to technical customer service. When you need service, we decide whether our remote maintenance can help, or whether to deploy a service technician. Special service packages provide an expanded service hotline.

Kontakt Service-Hotline:
+49 6781 98664-71


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